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10 Vonnegut-Centric Sites: So the Internet Goes

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

This post is part of our Kurt Vonnegut Reading Day: a celebration of one of our favorite authors on the occasion of the publication of his letters. Check out the full line-up here.

In celebration of Vonnegut Day, we’ve compiled an eclectic (re: random) list of ten Vonnegut-centric sites. Want a Kilgore Trout t-shirt? Done. Want to hear Vonnegut describe semi-colons as just a way of showing that you went to college? Your wish is our seriously considered suggestion. Sally forth, Vonnegut-ites!

1.Genre in the Mainstream: The Kurt Vonnegut Question by Ryan Britt, a 2011 essay published on that considers whether or not Vonnegut was a sci-fi writer.

2.Kilgore Trout t-shirt. They also carry this gem, if you want the asterisk and all it means RIGHT OVER YOUR HEART.

3.Kurt Vonnegut’s speech “How to Get A Job Like Mine,” wherein he tells you to basically stop trying to get a job like his and just create (this is the speech with the semi-colon funny business).

4. If you’re still in the buying mood, there are Kilgore Trout GelaSkins for your various electronic devices.

5. Vonnegut reading the opening of Breakfast of Champions.

6. There exists in the world a Vonnegut-themed guided tour of Dresden, if you happen to find yourself in a somber mood. Whilst in Germany.

7. A collection of video clips from a panel discussion featuring Vonnegut, mostly consisting of Joyce Carol Oates arguing with him about war and history and the end of the world.

8. The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, which you should absolutely visit if you’re near Indianapolis. And not just because their slogan is “Welcome to the monkeyhouse.”

9. A collection of Kurt Vonnegut literary tattoos (see if you can spot our own Liberty Hardy’s Goodbye Blue Monday tattoo!).

10. A “composite of four interviews” spanning several years, done by The Paris Review.

BONUS ROUND: A collection of reviews of Vonnegut’s books from The New York Times, as well as the articles he wrote for the publication.