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10 Really Terrific Reading Nooks

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

While bookish types can generally read anywhere and at any time, there’s something magical about having your own little nook for the purpose. It should be heavily cushioned, well-lit, and preferably with somewhere to put your mug. Here are ten excellent reading nooks, for use in your someday-house:


Keep this one on your desktop to stare at when the temperature drops below 40. (Source)


A reading nook right next to the eating area? This designer knows what’s up. (Source)


This thing is called The Nest Rest, and I need it.


Take the door off a closet, insert overstuffed chair. Instant nook. (Source)


I love that a) this is in someone’s office and b) it involves a step stool. (Source)

reading nook crib thing

Okkkk, I think this is technically a crib? But I want it. I want it grown-up sized and next to a window. (Source)

reading turret


reading nook with curtains

Reading nooks with curtains > reading nooks without curtains. (Source)

hobbit reading nook

Hobbity hole! (Source)

sofa reading nook

Lacking space for a nook? Put a tent over your sofa! Done. (Source)

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