10 Pieces of Jane Austen Swag

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

Ain’t no party like a Jane Austen party ’cause a Jane Austen party contains millions of fans who like to buy things. In that vein, let us overcome the holidays by putting away the tree, taking down the lights, and buying neat stuff for our very own selves (and for those who want to exhibit more specific Pride and Prejudice love, here’s a round-up of swag for just that book).


Jane Austen Dewey Decimal ring! 823.7 is where English authors of the early 19th century live, ergo, etc.

jane austen ring

Jane Austen buttons! Spread the love, amirite?

jane austen badges

Can we all just agree that Persuasion is more fun than Pride and Prejudice? I mean, Captain Wentworth’s declaration of love is just…it’s just BETTER.

captain wentworth tshirt

Jane Austen book purse!

jane austen book purse

What WOULD Jane Austen do? It’s a fair question.

jane austen cell phone cover

Emma bracelet. Oh, Mr. Knightley.

emma jane austen bracelet

Jane Austen Silhouette Necklace

jane austen silhouette necklace

A replica of Jane’s turquoise ring, because we’re not all as rich as Kelly Clarkson.

jane austen turquoise ring

Antique Austen Books mug


Jane Austen coasters! For resting your glass of port, natch.

jane austen coasters


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