10 Obnoxious Things People Say To Hard-Core Readers

We hard-core readers have all been there. You’re trying to have a serious conversation with someone about a book you’re reading and then their eyes glaze over and they say something obnoxious. You know, like one of the following:

1. All that reading will destroy your eyes.

2. You’re going to spend all of your money on books and then you’ll starve and you can’t eat books, now can you.

3. You read books outside of class?

4. You read books for fun? What kind of masochist are you?

5. Oh, you read War and Peace? Weeeelllll, guess you’re too smart for me to talk to, huh?!

6. You know, those poor trees would still be on this planet supplying us with oxygen if it weren’t for you and your kind.

7. Why waste time reading books when you could be doing other things? Important things? Like following the latest celebrity gossip.

8. What are you, some kind of nerd?

9. You’ll have to buy a bigger house to fit all those books he heh heh heh heh heh *guffaw*.

10. You should stick to the real world.

But don’t worry- the same response is applicable to all of these obnoxious nuggets.


Then just walk away. Don’t even dignify it with a response, even though you are