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10 Obnoxious Things Hard-Core Readers Say to People

Brenna Clarke Gray

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Ok, Rachel’s list is super-cute, but let’s be real for a second: non-readers don’t have a monopoly on being obnoxious. Here are 10 super-cringy things I’ve overhead book people saying to non-book people, and I wish to goodness they would stop.

  1. Oh, you watch television. Oh. I read.
  2. Uh huh. I didn’t see that movie because I already read the book and obviously it’s going to be better.
  3. only read 100 books last year. I hope to do better this year.
  • Your favourite writer is Jodi Picoult? Oh. Okay. Yeah, no, she’s fine.
  • I would love to buy something like that but I spend all my money on books.
  • Ebooks? Ew. There’s just something about a tangible book and the way it smells.
  • Oh, you’re just getting to that book now? I read an ARC months ago.
  • Tee hee! I just bought all these books and goodness, I feel so guilty!
  • Um, where are your bookshelves?
  • I don’t understand how you fill your time if you don’t read!

    Remember, if you feel the urge to be a judgy-mc-judgerpants…

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