10 Moments That Shook The Literary World This Year: Critical Linking, December 24

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Well, this year sure has been a hundred years long! As we struggle out of this enormous frying pan and before we drop into the inevitable fire, let’s revisit some of the stories that took over our news and Twitter feeds this year (and were then immediately supplanted by, like, a Nazi running for Congress and entirely forgotten). We tried to mix it up so that some of them are… well not fun exactly, fun was hard to come by this year, but at least dripping with schadenfreude.

This year has seriously been so long some of these felt like lifetimes ago.

This year was full of spectacular fiction, spine-tingling poetry and hard-hitting non-fiction from Africa. Here is some of the best.

These are the lists that kill my TBR in the best way!

Over the course of three years, Vonk, along with a local radio producer and a community activist, gathered tales told by people all over the Mbomo district in the Congo Basin, the second-largest tropical rainforest in the world. It’s home to thousands of plant and animal species and to people as well.
The stories are mainly from an oral tradition. Each story they collected was translated into English, French and Lingala (a Bantu language) for the book and is depicted in stylized photographs by Dutch photographer Pieter Henket.

These photos are so beautiful!

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