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10 Great Book-things Spotted on Instagram

Here’s an amazing statistic for you: there are about 300 million active Instagram users out there.

Now, with all the photos they are posting every day you are bound to miss some great stuff. But don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

Here are 10 book-flavored Instagram posts from the last few days that I thought deserved to be seen.

1. Roxane Gay spotted on a train in Austria


2. This guy on HONY who knew Kurt Vonnegut

3. Boots, decorated with a wine based on that naughty series of books. Yes.


4. The secret goodness from our last Quarterly box. (You subscribe, right?)


5. Great beer and a great book on a rather ordinary river.


6. Books dressed up all nice and pretty

As a girl I devoured book series after book series, old or new, anything with adventure, travel, mystery, self-expression, and the completely overwhelming idea of love. I read my dad’s books from his childhood, along with my own. In my teens my reading tastes became of a darker persuasion. I gravitated towards melancholy stories that stole my heart when I wasn’t looking and left a sharper, clearer picture of the world behind. As any reader knows, those stories were my friends and allies. After grown up brunch and adult conversations, I’ve been spending this afternoon going through my bookshelves, remembering. More than once I’ve caught myself wondering if we ever fully outgrow the longing to each be our own catcher in the rye. #WHPcolorplay #books #classics #catcherintherye #jdsalinger #bananafish #books #1950s #newyorkcity #nyc #holdencaulfield #story #stories #bookstagram #amreading #reading #lovebooks via #penguinbooks #amwriting #writer #write #writerslife #writersofinstagram

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7. Book art in Manila, Philippines

Book art on high street #asia #art #manila #highlife #dayoff #books

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8. In which someone says what I think every day


9. Book Riot editors being badasses with non-compliant tats from Bitch Planet


10. Sideways books on wall are pretty sideways books on wall.


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