10 Gorgeously Unique Writing Journals That Will Inspire Your Creativity

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Need some creative inspiration? These beautiful handcrafted and unique writing journals will have you writing in no time. If any sell out, please visit the Etsy shop directly to see more of their designs!

1. Badbooks Mixed Paper Journal

If this colorful 4.5 x 6 inch journal doesn’t inspire you to creativity, I don’t know what will.

Badbooks Mixed Paper Journal

But if you’re feeling less than optimistic, try this one instead.

Bandbox Mixed Paper Journal


This gorgeous blue journal is 4×5 inches with 224 pages.

Patiak also offers a beautiful 221B Baker Street journal which is 5 x 8.5 inches.

Sherlock 221B Baker Street Journal

3. Ivy Design Custom Name Notebook

This custom cutout notebook comes in A4, A5, and A6 sizes.

Ivy Design Custom Name Notebook

4.  FO! Design Custom Map Notebook

Going traveling? Record your journey with a custom A5 map journal.

Custom Map Journal

5. Pippenwycks Book of Monsters Journal

Write a scary story in this 5.5 x 8 inch creature journal.

Monster Journal

6. Teo Studio Locking Leather Journal

If you’re looking for something truly unique that will last forever, try this handcrafted leather beauty.

Locking Leather Journal

Teo Studio makes a number of leather journals, with and without hardware.

Red Leather Journal

7. Leather Wood Books Birdseye Maple Journal

This beauty is made from genuine leather, maplewood, colored glass, and acid free hemp paper.

Birdseye Maple Journal

8. aLexLibris Anatomia Humani Corporis Journal

This amazing piece of artwork features a carved leather ribcage on the cover and aged hardware, including a book chain traditionally used to prevent theft in libraries.

Anatomia Humani Corporis Leather Journal

9. Jackdaw Bindery Mini Leather Journal

Keep one of these adorable 3 x 4 inch unique writing journals with you at all times! Or buy a different color for each month of the year.

Mini Leather Journal

10. Folk Of the Wood Leather Wrap Journal

These dependable leather wrap journals come in a number of different sizes and colors.

Leather Wrap Journal

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