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10 Exquisite Handcrafted Journals & Notebooks

Kate Scott

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Get creative with these 10 gorgeous journals & notebooks form Etsy artisans!

Get creative with these ten beautiful journals from Etsy artisans!

1. Custom Polymer Clay Journal

These custom sculpted journals from Mandarin Duck are like something out of a fairytale.

Custom Polymer Clay Journal by Mandarin Duck

Seriously, check out this exquisite craftsmanship…

Custom Polymer Clay Horse Journal by Mandarin Duck

Polymer Clay Dragon Journal

Polymer Clay Fox Journal

Custom Polymer Clay Journal by Mandarin Duck

2. Mon Petit Journal

I want to collect all of these chic notebooks by French artist Sonia Cavallini!

Mon Petit Journal by Sonia Cavallini

Mon Petit Journal by Sonia Cavallini

3. Leather Tree Journal

These earthy leather journals from Lithuanian artist Svetlana are perfect for nature lovers.

Leather Tree Journal by AVworkshop

4. Fauxdori Leather Notebook Cover

These leather journal covers are an elegant, attractive way to store ordinary notebooks. Pair it with a Midori Traveler’s Notebook.

Fauxdori Leather Journal Cover

Fauxdori Leather Journal Covers

5. Polymer Clay Mermaid Journal

Another sculpted masterpiece–this one from Spanish doll-maker Mar Corral.

Polymer Clay Mermaid Journal by Mar Corral

Polymer Clay Mermaid Journal by Mar Corral

6. Blue Sailboat Diary

Sail away to the land of your dreams with this hand-painted diary.

Blue Sailboat Diary

7. Leather & Parchment Journal

This handmade journal gives off a mysterious old-world vibe.

Leather and Parchment Journal

8. Painted Mandala Journal Set

Russian artist Tatiana Afanaseva creates stunning matching journals with exquisite details.

Painted Mandala Journal

9. Constellation Leather Sketchbook

This starry sketchbook/journal by Blue Sky Papers founder Courtney Bartik is sure to inspire creativity.

Constellation Leather Sketchbook

Constellation Leather Sketchbook

10. Creative Composition Notebooks

Composition notebooks don’t have to be boring. Just check out these beautiful creations by Chilean artists Flavia and Alejandro Pelham.

Creative Composition Notebooks

Creative Composition Notebooks

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