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10 Bookstagram Post Ideas for 2020

Need some inspiration for your Bookstagram page? I've got ten ideas to inspire your next post!

Coffee Shops

Coffee shop shots are a classic, go-to #Bookstagram post idea, and they’re a classic for a reason! They feel cozy and warm. Plus, who doesn’t love great latte art on Instagram? [embed][/embed]

Get Cozied Up

A photo is meant to invoke a feeling, and your book photo should do the same! There's nothing more fitting for #Bookstagram than being cozy with your latest read. Bonus points for a crackling fire, cozy throw blanket, hot beverage, and slippers. [embed][/embed]

Less Edited

Instagram used to be all about the highly manufactured flat lays and filtered pictures, but in 2020 the more natural moments seem to be on the rise. Even your typical "book stack" picture featuring a TBR pile (to-be-read pile) or reading wrap up can be more casual and less edited these days. [embed][/embed]

Behind the Scenes

If you work in a bookish job, please share about the behind the scenes of your bookish world. We all want to know more about teaching literature, and about working in bookstores and libraries! I love when creators talk about the balance of reading for their work/reading for fun, the interesting stories that happen in a public library, or insights into what books will be popular based on the comments made in bookstores. [embed][/embed]

Shout Out Your Library

Speaking of libraries, it's cool to hear about the books that catch your eye at the library! I used to hesitate to share library books on #Bookstagram because of their plastic covers and bar codes, but no more of that! It's cool to make use of your local library. And I always love hearing about people's library habits. Do you put a hundred books on your waitlist? Do you prefer to blindly browse? How many books to you check out at once? Tell me everything. [embed][/embed]

Shout Out Your Love of Audiobooks

How do you take a photo of an audiobook? Turns out you can! And I think it's really cool to see people talking about their love of audiobooks on #Bookstagram. Gone are the days when people questioned if audiobooks were "really" reading. The bookish community has fully embraced audiobooks as an accessible way to read even more! Plus, in the world of audiobooks a good narrator is make or break, so please include recommendations for particularly well produced audiobooks in your posts. [embed][/embed]

Creative Shelf Photography

If you've been at #Bookstagram for a while, you've probably taken hundreds of photos of your bookshelves that more or less look the same. So, I encourage you to stretch your creativity and see if you can capture those shelves in a new and different way. [embed][/embed]

Match Your Outfit to Your Books

I'm not sure I've seen anything more fun and creative than Morgan's challenge to match her outfits to her books. What other fun book cover matching games can you come up with? And don't forget to give a shout out to your favorite book covers' designers! [embed][/embed]

Indie Bookstore Pics

Supporting your favorite indie bookstore—I love to see it! Through #Bookstagram, I feel like I get to travel the world and wander the stacks of all the great independent bookstores. And that is a true treat. [embed][/embed]

Bookish Art

Murals and public art are a staple of the Instagram world, so why not make it book-themed art, worthy of a #Bookstagram? [embed][/embed] I hope you had as much fun reading this list as I had putting it together, and that it brings your #Bookstagram fresh inspiration this year! For more on books and Instagram, check out authors on Instagram, or better yet, dogs on Bookstagram.
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