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10 Bookshops You Must Visit If You Call Yourself A Book Lover: Critical Linking, June 29, 2018

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If that sounds like you, well, brace yourself, fellow book lovers; we present to you a list of must-visit bookshops all around the world that will make you go gaga!

With the rich collections they have to offer to fulfill your reading desire and the unique style of their shops — be it gorgeous architecture or cosy setting of their place — these are the places where the experience of book-hunting sessions is taken to a whole new level!

Who knows? Those of you who are not bibliophiles yourselves may turn into one by visiting these places!

I can never resist a good listicle of cool bookstores


Three weeks after the tragic death of Anthony Bourdain, the food world continues to mourn the loss of one of its biggest and brightest stars. Now, news comes that a Bourdain biography is on the way.

I’ll be reading this.


Children’s books may be for kids, but they definitely tackle large subjects. They taught us about how to be ourselves, take risks, treat others with kindness, and explore new ideas. As a grown-up, you might not read picture books on the reg anymore, but that doesn’t mean those aren’t still major themes in the books you’re reading.

Plus, the books you read and loved as a kid have become a part of who you are. It might have been years since you last read Charlotte’s Web or The Rainbow Fish, but I’ll bet you still have their stories close to your heart. No matter where you are or how old you get, those lessons you learned from your childhood books are somewhere inside of you.

As the proverb goes, “Make new friends, but keep the old.” So here are new adult and young adult books, matched to your favorite children’s books.

My TBR just grew


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