10 Bookish Pocket Watches

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

There’s something charmingly anachronistic about a pocket watch, in a I’m Not Gonna Look At My Cell Phone For The Time Like The Huddled Masses Do, I’m Gonna Look At This Nifty Thing Tucked Into My Cravat Oh Shit Where Is My Cravat sort of way. And if you’re going to wear a pocket watch, you might as well go full bore and make it a bookish one. Your milkshake will definitely bring all the boys (or girls, whatevs) to the yard. Or maybe just me. In your yard. Looking at your pocket watch.

The Great Gatsby pocket watch. Give it to your neighborhood dandy for a little bookish meta action.

great gatsby pocket watch

Alice In Wonderland Red Queen pocket watch. To be worn with your Red Queen cosplay.

alice in wonderland pocket watch

Les Mis pocket watch. For when you just want to cry, all day, for no reason.

les miserables pocket watch

It has books on it!

book pocket watch

Pride and Prejudice pocket watch. Wear it next to your heart (bosom?).

pride and prejudice pocket watch

Mockingjay pocket watch. Seems odd to have something so…extra…be Hunger Games-themed, but it is nice looking, isn’t it?

mockingjay pocket watch

Time turner watch, for the Harry Potter lover inside you.

time turner pocket watch

The one ring LOTR watch. Just don’t put it on your finger, not even when you’re drunk.


It’s a Hobbit door!

hobbit pocket watch

It’s a golden snitch!

golden snitch pocket watch


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