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10 Bookish Facebook Feeds You Should Follow

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

While Facebook can seem like the home of all things Ultrasound Photos From High School People About Whom You Don’t Care Anymore, it actually does have an interesting bookish side. Some of your favorite authors (dead or alive) are on Facebook- their feeds are managed by publishers or by their estate, and they regularly post interesting content about the author. Here are a few to check out:

1. F. Scott Fitzgerald: The feed posts pictures, quotes, articles relevant to Fitzgerald, and also runs contests for his books.

2. Edgar Allan Poe: His U.S. publisher maintains his feed, and regularly posts illustrations and quotes from his works, as well as links to interesting Poe-ish articles.

3. Jane Austen: All Things Jane, including articles about how to dress up as her for Halloween, quotes from her best-loved (and hated) characters, and cover images for new editions of her work and work based on her work. Meta work. Or something.

4. Margaret Atwood: Atwood is alive (phew) so there’s more info here about her speaking schedule, new releases, awards, and various literary goings-on (including a link to Claire Danes reading The Handmaid’s Tale for

5. Toni Morrison: This has a lot of similar information as Atwood’s page, without the speaking schedule. They routinely post Morrison’s quotes, so it’s a nice resource for those who want a regular dose.

6. Leo Tolstoy: Discussions of all of Tolstoy’s works and film adaptations, quotes, pictures, and articles about his descendants and historical landmarks from his life.

7. Zadie Smith: Smith’s newest novel NW just came out, so her feed includes a lot of information about her book tour, positive reviews, etc. There are also some contests running for signed copies of the book.

8. Michael Chabon: See Zadie’s stuff, but replace NW with Telegraph Avenue.

9. John Green: One of the few author accounts actually maintained by the author. John posts regularly about pop culture, history, and other people’s books, along with his own personal shenanigans.

10. Charles Dickens: See Tolstoy’s stuff, but replace Anna Karenina with Oliver Twist.