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10 Awesome Street-Clothes Cosplay Options

Jenn Northington

Director, Editorial Operations

Jenn Northington has worked in the publishing industry wearing various hats since 2004, including bookseller and events director, and is currently Director of Editorial Operations at Riot New Media Group. You can hear her on the SFF Yeah! podcast nerding out about sci-fi and fantasy. When she’s not working, she’s most likely gardening, running, or (obviously) reading. Find her on Tumblr at jennIRL and Instagram at iamjennIRL.

Want to protect your secret identity this con season? Or maybe capes and tights just aren’t your speed. Never fear! You can still cosplay your heart out. Here are 10 of my favorite casual cosplays for ladytype characters.

1. Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel: Grab a scarf and paint a lightning bolt on that black t-shirt!

Swapna as Kamala Khan

Modeled by our very own Swapna.


2. Wanda Maximoff, Age of Ultron: Up for some layering fun? You’ll need a lacy camisole, a black dress, some dangly necklaces, a leather jacket, rolled down thigh-highs, and some chunky kick-ass boots.



3. Kate Bishop, Hawkeye: If ever there was a time to break out all your purple (and your favorite giant coffee mug), that time is now.

Ali as Kate Bishop

Modeled by our very own Ali.


4. Natasha Romanoff, Captain America: Winter Soldier: Perfect for the cosplayer who needs to be able to make a quick getaway and blend into a crowd.

Natasha Romanoff Casual Outfit


5. Gwen Stacy, Spider-Gwen: Even crime-fighters have to make time for band practice, and the green/black/purple color combo here definitely rocks my world.

Gwen Stacy Casual Outfit


6. The Lumberjanes: Which of the ‘janes matches your style best (or challenges you the most)? You’ve got excellent options to pick from! (Life-vests optional.)

The Lumbjeranes Crew


7. Barbara Gordon, Batgirl (Fletcher & Stewart): City girls might be chic or casual, but either way they’re ready for action.

Barbara Gordon Casual Outfits


8. Laura, The Wicked and The Divine: Get out your big coat and your most iconic t-shirt; black jeans and boots complete this outfit.

Laura from Wicked and the Divine


9. Lucifer, Hexed: What’s every art-thief need in an outfit? A leather jacket (always a leather jacket) plus hoodie, red Chucks, and jeans, obviously.

Lucifer from Hexed


10. Doreen Green, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Where my friends with hips at? Rock ’em along with Doreen! Also I confess I am a sucker for a scoop-neck shirt. And that PURSE.

Doreen Green from Squirrel Girl

Already done one of these, or know where folks can get the looks? Share away in the comments!


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