10 Adorable Children Reciting Poems

There are few things in the world cuter than tiny people doing grown up things (although if you’re anything like me puppies are a close rival). Here are ten videos of adorable kids reciting poems.

1. 3-Year-Old Recites “Litany” by Billy Collins


2. 3-Year-Old Payton Jackson Recites “Hey, Black Child” by Countee Cullen


3. Child Dressed as Gandhi Recites Poem in Hindi


4. Young Girl Recites “Save Girl Child,” A Nursery Rhyme Written to Draw Attention to Female Foeticide In India


5. 3-Year-Old Isabella Recites “The Elf and the Dormouse” by Oliver Herford


6. Fatima Aairah Recites “The Sun” by Gareth Lancaster


Also watch a group of adorable English children with adorable Yorkshire accents recite the same poem.

7. 4-Year-Old Selinah July Recites “I Am – Somebody” by Reverend William Holmes Borders


8. Sage Recites “The Grocer’s Children” by Herbert Scott


9. Child Recites “When I Grow Up” by William Wise


10. 5-Year-Old Michaela Recites “All Things Bright and Beautiful” by Cecil Frances Alexander

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