Book Riot Live - You Want It, We've Got It Book Riot Live - You Want It, We've Got It


All The Books

Episode 69 This week, Liberty and Rebecca discuss I’m Judging You, The Mothers, Children of the New World, and more books. This episode was sponsored by Spontaneous ...

Dear Book Nerd

Episode 68 My special guest co-host this week is Guy LeCharles Gonzalez. We talk about book blogging, how to prepare for your first public reading, and much more.

Get Booked

Episode 43 Amanda and Jenn recommend memoirs, very short books, adventure stories, and more on this week's Get Booked.

The Podcast

Episode 172 This week, Rebecca and Amanda discuss victories for women and people of color at the Hugo Awards, Harry Potter's effect on Americans' attitudes toward Donald Trump, what to do with Truman Capote's ashes, and more.

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Book Riot Live

Book Riot Live is a two-day reading convention that captures the passion for books and sense of play of, but, you know, in person. It will take place on November 12th and 13th, 2016 at Metropolitan West in New York City.

Read Harder Book Groups

Our favorite slogan and reading challenge now has its own book groups! Join us at one of our many locations for a monthly discussion of what we’re reading. This month’s groups are sponsored by A Change of Heart by Sonali Dev.

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