Our Beliefs

  1. We create.
  2. We always prefer the book to the movie.
  3. We riot as a team.
  4. We geek out on books, embarrassingly so.
  5. We’re leaders.
  6. We practice charity.
  7. We miss our subway stop cause the book is that good.
  8. We are non-traditional.
  9. We believe in family (bookshelves and cats count).

What We Do

We create news, reviews and commentary on books and reading, except, you know, fun. We do this by being at the leading edge of social reading and looking for new ways to engage with what we are reading.


We don’t provide 3 hots a day or laundry facilities because we want you to have a life outside of work. We do provide health benefits and an employee stock option plan.

Who We are Hiring

Ad Sales & Ad Ops Associate (Salary + Commission + ESOP + Health)

Position may be located in New York/New York Metro, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Kansas, Oregon, District of Columbia, or British Columbia, Canada. The position will be home-based unless the selected candidate resides in New York City or Vancouver, Canada. Salary will be cost-of-living adjusted.

Functions and task descriptions:

Channel Sales Development

  • Work with ad sales director to develop business within the Comics channel for the Panels.net site
  • Liaise with editorial to develop sponsored/native ad products
  • Prospect new business from publishing, theater, movie and comics adjacent advertisers

Assist Sales Director

  • Prospect new business for sales director
  • Develop and assemble proposals for sales director
  • Provide opportunity analysis and support for ad sales director

Ad Trafficking and Reporting

  • Liaise with ad sales and understand individual campaign goals and outcomes
  • Traffic campaigns in ad server
  • Manage communication with advertisers to get proper creative, links and copy prior to 72-hour editorial deadline
  • Liaise with editorial and communicate sponsored/native content promotion
  • Review individual campaign performance and optimize delivery for best advertiser value
  • Produce results in presentation quality format for advertiser consumption

The position has two promotion path options – Sales Manager or Ad Ops Manager.

To apply, please send email to awesomesauce (at) riotnewmedia.com that includes your phone number and URL to your LinkedIn profile. Keep the cover letter to the email body, and limit it to two sentences or less. Attachments will not be opened. Minorities, women, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Interested in writing for Book Riot?

Book Riot is always on the prowl for new contributors. If you can write something smart or funny or interesting or provocative about books in the space of about 300-800 words, we’re interested in hearing from you. We favor book bloggers. If you aren’t blogging about books, we recommend you start and do it for a few months before contacting us.

To be considered, complete the form below and provide links to two writing samples. Samples must be submitted via links in this form. The samples can be links to things you’ve already written and published online, things you’ve written and haven’t yet published, or you can write new stuff just for this. If you are submitting pieces that have not been previously published, please use Google Docs or Dropbox. Emailed applications and attachments will not be read.

What to Send Us: Your samples should be things you think could go up on Book Riot just as they are. If you are writing new pieces for this application, we recommend that one be an entry for the Our Reading Lives series, and the other on any topic of your choosing.

What Not to Send: Please don’t submit book reviews you’ve written for your blog or other publications (you’ll notice we don’t do too many straight book reviews around here) or links to your reviews at Goodreads, LibraryThing, Amazon, etc. Also, please do not submit image-heavy pieces (like our Book Fetish or Literary Tourism series, or a collection of 10 awesome bookish t-shirts); we want to get a feel for your voice and writing style.

Your samples should show us that you understand how we do things here at the Riot and that you can do it too.

So, what are you waiting for, convince us! (And yes, we compensate contributors.)

Contributor Application

  • Just give us a general idea--you don't have to list every book you love. :)