How did Book Riot get started?

Clinton Kabler and Jeff O’Neal created Book Riot in August 2011. The central idea of Book Riot was born out of seeing the interesting, creative, personal, passionate, diverse, and engaging work that book bloggers do. So, they recruited some writers, hired a designer and a web programmer, and got to work trying to make something cool.

Book Riot hopes that bringing together a range of voices will introduce the kind of writing book bloggers do to more readers. And we think they’ll love it. (You might be interested in Jeff’s opening editorial for the site.)

So, who’s in charge?

Clint and Jeff. They fronted the cash and have final say. Everyone else is (or soon will be) a paid employee or contractor.

Who writes for Book Riot?

Book Riot was inspired by Jeff’s experience writing a book blog and Clint’s experience reading it, so most of the first contributors were book bloggers. Since launch, we’ve added some folks and are on the lookout for more.

No topics or posts are assigned; we simply ask our contributors to be their knowledgeable, generous, playful, and creative selves. We do reserve the right not to run something, though, if we don’t think it serves our readers.

Contributors are monetarily compensated.

You’ve got ads. What’s the deal with that?

Advertising is how we keep the lights on and the site growing. The content folks try to delight a bunch of readers, and the sales folks see if there is anyone out there who is interested in running some ads. In no case does an advertiser receive editorial coverage as a result of advertising on Book Riot nor are their products/titles exempt from negative coverage.

At the bottom of some posts, we include links to various places where readers can buy books mentioned. If someone buys something through one of those links, we get a percentage of the purchase price.

Some of your staff work for other companies. What connection does Book Riot have with those companies?


Anything else I should know?

That pretty much covers it. If you have more questions, we’re happy to answer. Drop us a note at bookriot (at) bookriot (dot) com.