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Your Grammarian Personality: The Descriptivist or Prescriptivist Quiz

Do you cling to the rules of grammar or shrug at them? Discover your grammarian personality with this descriptivist or prescriptivist quiz.

QUIZ: What Kind of Plot Reader Are You?

Take this fun quiz and discover what kind of plot reader you are.

Quiz: Which Book of Magic and Mystery Should You Read Next?

Take the quiz to find out which magical mystery read you should curl up with this fall.

QUIZ: Pick an Aesthetic and I’ll Recommend You a Sapphic Graphic Novel!

Pick your favorite places, fashion, season, etc, and I'll match you with the perfect sapphic graphic novel for your aesthetic reading needs!

Quiz: Pick Your Favorite Candy and Get a Horror Recommendation

It's almost Halloween! Pick out your favorite candies in this quiz and we'll put a horror book in your trick or treat bag.

Quiz: What is Your Teen Superhero Identity?

Well...what IS your teen superhero identity? Take the quiz and find out!

Take the Quiz: Which UMBRELLA ACADEMY Character Are You?

How would you cope if you were unexpectedly dropped in another decade? The only way to find out is to figure out which character you are.

Quiz: Design Your Ultimate Haunted House and Find Your Next Horror Read!

Design your ultimate haunted house—if you dare— and we'll tell you which frightful read to pick up next.

Put Together A Fashion Show and Discover Your Next Weird Read

There's something strange about this fashion show... Conceptualize your catwalk and find your next weird book.

Quiz: What Middle Grade Graphic Novel Should You Read Next?

QUIZ: Which Pop Culture Zombie Are You?

Ahhh, real zombies! Take this quiz to find out with pop culture zombie you've had inside of you all along.

Pick a Fashion Statement and Find Your Next True Crime Read

Armed with a strong fashion sense and a passion for true crime? Take this fashion statement quiz and find your next true crime book.

Quiz: Follow An Endangered Animal Species And Find Your Next Best Read

Calling all animal lovers, or anyone looking for a literary escape! Follow an endangered species in this quiz and find your next great read.

Quiz: Create Your Dream Magical World and Find Your Next Great YA Book About Immigrants

Create the magical world of your dreams with this quiz and find a fantastic YA book about immigrants.

QUIZ: What Dark Crime Book Should You Read Next?

If you're looking for some light, cozy mysteries, you've come to the wrong place. These dark crime books aren't for the faint of heart.