Hillary Clinton Will Be at Book Expo America: Critical Linking, May 11, 2017

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One of the leading events in the publishing industry just announced a surprise guest who is certain to draw a crowd. Hillary Clinton will appear at BookExpo in New York City on the evening of June 1.

What a great get!

In a TimesTalk conversation on Friday, I spoke with Dr. Tyson about why we should trust science when it seems so often to be wrong; what he’s learned about how to make science accessible; and at the behest of several tweens in the audience, what it would be like to die in a black hole.

Delightful Neil deGrasse Tyson continues to be delightful.

Six-year-old Breyden Suragh recently took part in his school’s “millionaire bash,” which is held for kids who have read a million words during the school year.

“The kids come to school dressed up like a celebrity,” Breyden’s mom, Denetta Suragh, told HuffPost. “Each class takes a 15-minute limo ride. Their ‘fans’ (parents) are waiting with signs and banners cheering them on. As they step out of the limo onto a red carpet, their teacher announces each ‘millionaire’ by name. They also sign autographs.”


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