Would You Have Been “Literate” Enough to Vote in 1964? Today in Critical Linking

Do what you are told to do in each statement, nothing more, nothing less. Be careful as one wrong answer denotes failure of the test. You have ten minutes to complete the test.

I just tried this, and I think I would have failed this voter literacy test that African-Americans had to pass in Louisiana before the passage of the Voting Rights Act.

Thanks to a partnership with Sprint, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (CML) in Charlotte, NC, is making a big difference in the lives of its local teens who don’t have reliable broadband at home—increasingly, a requirement for kids to do research and complete assignments. This academic year, nearly 150,000 kids in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school districts (CMS) are now being offered the chance to use 150 wireless hotspots with devices they can check out from the library.

This is an excellent idea.

Today, the Billy remains not only the best-selling item at Ikea but also the best-selling bookcase in history. By our calculation, there are roughly 59.6 million Billy bookcases out there.

I didn’t even know I wanted to read a history of Ikea’s Billy bookcase.

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