Stunning Neil Gaiman Redesigns: Today in Critical Linking

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Neil Gaiman’s best-loved novels are being re-released with gorgeous pulp covers; back in August, it was American Gods, in a month you’ll be able to marry it up with the stupendous Anansi Boys, to be followed in November by Neverwhere.

Reissues aren’t really my thing, but these Gaiman backlist titles redesigned to look like pulp novels are superb. I sort of want these as posters.


James Patterson—author of/co-author of/brand name placed on the cover of 10 trillion books—wrote an entire novel called The Murder of Stephen King and didn’t realize that it was a bad idea until now, five weeks before the Nov. 1 release. And he’s canceled it.

Well, when you “write” dozens of books a year, bound to be bad idea or two in there. And this was a very bad idea.

The voice of the late Maya Angelou powers the trailer for the documentary Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise, titled after one of her most famous poems.

This looks wonderful.

Sanders’ next book, “Our Revolution,” is being adapted for teenagers and being pitched to booksellers as a high school graduation gift.
The young adult version of the book, which is not yet titled, will come out in April 2017.

Just what everyone graduating kid needs: a political book by a presidential also-ran.

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