Critical Linking: August 23, 2016

Here’s a list of the best-of-the-best new science fiction coming your way in the last portion of 2016. From hard SF to light-hearted high concepts, to dystopia, to Time Travel to space opera, and yes, even books about the Death Star.

Here for it.


Richardson’s system actually works: they’re using it in NYPL and many affiliated libraries. It makes reading ebooks from the library one trillion times better, and it lets anyone improve it, at anywhere in the stack — it lets commercial suppliers play, too, but prevents them from locking libraries, publishers or readers in.

Interesting look at how the NYPL made ebooks open.


A new study to be published in a special 2016 election issue of PS: Political Science and Politics finds that reading Harry Potter books leads Americans to take a lower opinion of Donald Trump. In fact, the more books the participants read, the greater the effect.

Makes sense: Potterheads have been shown to be more empathetic towards marginalized groups, and that doesn’t mix with Trump support.



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