Critical Linking: August 21, 2016

If this sentiment resonates with your middle schooler, here are 16 books — ranging from funny to sad to dramatic — that accurately portray the ups and downs of middle school life, and how to survive it.

Interesting list for middle schoolers (or you).


The proportion of adults visiting public libraries in England has fallen by almost a third over the last decade, according to a new government report, although usage in the country’s most deprived areas has remained stable.

Which came first, the library closures or the declining library use?


Today Carey announced that he’s returning to Melanie and Miss Justineau’s post-apocalyptic world. But rather than pick up where The Girl With All the Gifts left off, Carey is going back in time, in an untitled prequel novel coming in May 2017.

Exciting news for fans of The Girl With All the Gifts.



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