Book Fetish: Volume 211

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whats up in ya


Vintage Dewey Decimal Print: Even the library is better in vintage French. Who knew it could get better?

vintage dewey decimal print

To Read, Perchance Sleep Shirt: Books make for good dreams. Encourage good dreams.

to read perchance nightshirt

To Do Mug: Poor punctuation aside, the sentiment is apt. So many to do lists waylaid by a good book.

i had a lot of things i was going to do mug

The Hobbit Fabric: Feeling crafty? This iconic cover art makes for an amazing canvas for your skirt or scarf projects.

Hobbit Cover Fabric

Good Dog Book Locket: Books and dogs make the best partners. especially on jewelry.

dog book locket necklace


Tara Clancy's distinctive Queens accent is its own larger-than-life character as she narrates her memoir The Clancys of Queens. Get it or two of 250,000 other audiobooks free when you begin an Audible 30-day trial. audible-two-free-570x70