Book Fetish: Volume 209

This week’s Book Fetish is sponsored by Penguin Random House and Room and Board.


Penguin Random House and Room & Board have partnered to offer one lucky book lover the prize of their dreams: modern furniture to create a reading nook and a library of books in their favorite genres to stock it! Enter here.


Ernest Hemingway Print: Is there any book that screams “read me in the summer” than A Moveable Feast? This beautiful print is perfect for accessorizing your summer adventures.

hemingway moveable feast print

Oscar Wilde Scoop Neck Tee: Oscar’s just chillin’. The scoop neck is my fav for chillin’ too.

oscar wilde scoop neck tshirt

Too Many Books? Mug: No such thing.

too-many-books-bookshelves mug

Lady Macbeth Soap: Out, damned spot! is right.

lady macbeth soap

Nancy Drew Vintage Embroidery: The girl detective is the perfect subject for some needlework, don’t you think? Because nothing says “smash the patriarchy” like a badass heroine in “traditional” lady craft.

nancy drew embroidery

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