11 Tip and Tricks To Read More: Today in Critical Linking

But of course there’s more to it than that, and I’m less of a shut-in than that sounds. There are plenty of tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years; things the would-be voracious readers of the world — who want to go out in the world too — could all do to fit more pages in every day. Here are a few that have worked for me. Maybe they’ll work for you as well.

I am guessing we are all looking to read more. Perhaps these 11 tips and tricks are worth checking out.


A communications revolution, led by the inventions of radio transmission, telephone and typewriter, led to the creation of new career fields for women. In popular books, a new character type was born, one so familiar and beloved today that our cultural landscape would be unrecognizable without her: the girl detective.

A brief history of the girl detective character.






Definitely check out this programming example of what it is like to read with dyslexia.

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