The List List #7: The 30 Best Superhero Movies

This post originally appeared on Panels, which is now Book Riot Comics

Our weekly roundup of the best comics-ish lists floating around the Internet.

from GamesRadar, The 30 Best Superhero Movies

from Blastr, The 30 Best Comics Writers for February 2016

from CBR, 8 Legendary Allies for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

from WhatCulture, 10 Non-Superhero Comic Book Movies that Must Happen

from CBR, Top 25 Black Comic Book Artists (#25–16)

from Bustle, 11 Comics that Would Make Great R-Rated Movies, Deadpool Style

from Yahoo! Movies, 44 Marvel Comics Movies Ranked

from CBR, 5 Times Deadpool Pulled from the Comics

from IGN, Top Comics to Buy This Week, 2/24/16


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