The List List #3: 5 Female Comic Creators You Can Support Today

This post originally appeared on Panels, which is now Book Riot Comics

Our weekly roundup of the best comics-ish lists floating around the Internet.

from Emet Comics, 5 Female Comic Creators You Can Support Today

from Bustle, 10 Struggles All Female Comic Book Fans Will Understand

from CBR, 6 Marvel Characters Who Could Find Themselves Dead No More

from, Top 5 Australians in Comics

from What Culture, 10 Gross Out Comic Moments You’ll Never See in Live Action

from 411Mania, Top 8 Ice-Powered Comic Book Characters

from, Supergirl: 5 References Straight Out of DC Comics in “Strange Visitor from Another Planet”

from Comics Alliance, Top 5 Batman Movies that Were Never Made

from The Advocate, The Best LGBTQ Graphic Novels You Missed

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