Off-Panel: May 11, 2015

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“Why don’t we live in a world where every Avenger is Gwen Stacy? I’ll tell you why: Because the world is a sad, cruel place. But at least Marvel is willing to offer us a look at what might have been, in their series of Gwen-themed variant comic covers. Agwengers, Assemble!”

If you haven’t taken a look at these covers yet, you should. They are pretty damn awesome!

“The truth is that comics are increasingly the thing you read on your phone or tablet, and store in the cloud. Sure, lots of comics fans still read in print, but the digital world is booming. To understand the relationship between print and digital, we talked to comics theory guru Scott McCloud, Comixology founders John Roberts and David Steinberger, and Symbolia creative director and webcomic creator Joyce Rice.”

Interesting morning watching, if you have a few minutes.

“Marvel vs. DC Comics: The memes you need to see.”

I’m a sucker for a good comics meme.


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