Book Fetish: Volume 134

Mark Twain TWSS Tee: I mean, he could’ve said “That’s what she said” at some point in his life, right?



I Write… Pencil Set: Just in time for NaNoWriMo, keep a little inspiration close at hand.

I write pencil set

Dobby’s Socks Candle: As a house elf, Dobby would obviously be adept at laundry. This candle evokes clean sheets, not smelly feet.

dobby's socks candle


Wicked Witch of the East Leg Lamp: This Wizard of Oz/A Christmas Story mash-up has the perfect amount of pop culture nostalgia.

wicked witch of the east lamp


Shakespearean Insults Poster: This handy reference will always provide the Bard’s best barbs no matter the situation.

shakespearean insults print

shakespearean insults close up


There's only one way to respond to "two free audiobooks." It's "sign me up!"