Book Fetish: Volume 132

Alice in Wonderland Catch-alls: I am forever losing things in my apartment, most noticeably, jewelry and safety pins. Keep those small things together and stop pulling a White Rabbit.

alice in wonderland catch-all


Personalized Penguin Cover Mug: I adore this. What would you put on yours?


Owl Bookend/Eyeglasses Holder: I mean, come on. How great is this? Plus it comes in a bunch of colors.

owl glasses holder bookend

Books Books Tote: When you want to be really literal. And cool.

red books books totebag

Marauder’s Map Mug: I’d like to curl up with A History of Magic by Bathida Bagshot and some pumpkin juice in this craggy-looking mug.



Roses are red, violets are blue. Books are your favorite thing, so this is the t-shirt for you.