Critical Linking: August 19th, 2014


In honor of Shelley’s birthday this month, here’s a list of 25 other writers who created heartbreakingly beautiful work before they could get a discount on a rental car or have their publishers demand an active Twitter account.

This list of writers is both amazing and, if you aren’t careful, a little depressing.


Samira Chigani, 26 years old, was thus introduced to the quirky brainchild of Mr. Yazdany and Ms. Heraner: a mobile reading room and taxi service, complete with chauffeur-librarian. Books surround them, from Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” to Charles Bukowski’s “Pulp.” There are also works by Iranian standouts such as Nader Ebrahimi, Zoya Pirzad and Sohrab Sepehri.

Dammit I should have been a chaffeur-librarian.


The only really necessary people in the publishing process now are the writer and reader. Everyone who stands between those two has both risk and opportunity.

I suppose only bread and water are necessary too. But that doesn’t mean some other things don’t make life a little more enjoyable.


Even the Big Five know this: why else would they devote so much time and effort to building relationships with thousands of unique stores despite the fact that those stores represent only 3-5% of their annual sales?

Sometimes it’s a mistake that things are done for logical, quantifiable reasons. Not saying it is the case here, but saying “if they are doing X, then X must be important” isn’t true.


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