Book Fetish: Volume 122

Mark Twain Catchall: This ceramic dish has all the wit and charm you’d expect from a Twain-emblazoned piece. The unique details make it a great place to store your jewelry, loose change, sarcasm.



Lord of the Rings Bookmark: In honor of the upcoming Hobbit movie, go on a journey every time you crack a book with this awesome silhouetted Fellowship.



Book Girl Tee: Saucy pin-up with a stack of books? Best kind of chest decoration.




Adirondack Bookrest: Have you been lounging with a good book in your favorite wooden Adirondack chair this summer? Make it a matching set with a bookrest that’s just about the cutest book accessory ever.





Charles Bukowski Mug: Read and bleed, kids. Read and bleed.


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