Dept. of Fictional Real Estate: The Weasleys’ Burrow

In a moment of clever marketing awesomeness, actual real estate company Movoto, which is home to some pretty serious Potter fans, decided to assess the value of the Weasley family’s (imaginary) uber-cozy home, The Burrow. If it existed, you could have the 1,467-square-foot home for a cool $660,150, or 89,816 Galleons.

Here’s a blueprint of the 10-room space, which the Movoto team dreamed up by extrapolating from the (likely) dimensions of the kitchen table and fireplace mantle mentioned in the¬†books.

burrow layout



And here’s a breakdown of the value:

burrow infographic


What do you say, readers? Are you going to summon up the coin to make a wizardly purchase?


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