Craziest Books Titles, Part 2

Are you enjoying learning about these highly informative books as much as I am enjoying showing them to you? It’s amazing what we can miss out on when we stick to books that earn several re-printings and/or are on the shelves and respectable bookstores everywhere. If you missed part one, get informed here.


I was under the impression that all shopping carts were of the hierarchy of biological classifications, silly me. Now I know to be on the lookout for genus Targetus vs genus Whole Foods.




If He does that’s a very clever tactic of escaping our wrath. “I gave you a way of knowing all of the secrets of life, but you failed to learn Feline so you missed out… don’t blame me.”




Honestly, Benjamin Franklin just bumped up ten notches on my score card. This, however, is coming from a girl who thinks pooping is a relevant dinner conversation.




There is no arguing with this. Chafing does, in fact, start with the letter C.




Well this will be a handy guide. I was looking for a way to make my annual checkup more interesting; having a body part stretched with an instrument and swabbed with a giant q-tip really wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

Down Home



Oh yes, that conversation; awkward for parents everywhere. When daughters come running to them to announce that she has been deflowered, parents only wish there was someone else their offspring could talk to. If only there were other humans of her own age and interests, and experiencing similar life events. If only. Damn Emily Post for not giving us more details on what to say… thankfully Hyacinthe Phypps fills in the gaps.


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