Critical Linking

Critical Linking: March 1, 2013

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.

The first move Barnes & Noble (aka Nook Media) needs to make is to alert app developers that they will be closing their Nook App Store.

It was foolish of them to even create that. They got off the eBook path there and had ambitions beyond their ability to pull them off. They didn’t know when to say No.

The worst thing to do when you aren’t really sure what to do is to try to do everything.


The number of poorly written emails, resumes and blog posts I come across each month is both staggering and saddening. Grammar is off. There are tons of misspellings. Language is much wordier or more complex than necessary. Some things I read literally make no sense at all to me.

My students don’t believe me when I tell them that the single best thing they can learn in college is to write reasonably well. 


But when the ideal book comes along, I’m stumped. Is The Fault in Our Stars without flaw? Probably not. But I don’t remember what any of them are, because all I remember is how much I loved it, and apparently I don’t have a vocabulary for this situation.

We, collectively, are pretty bad about talking about the books we love.

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