Critical Linking

Critical Linking: February 16, 2013

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.

“Librarians are generally very conscientious and careful folks,” Mr. Butler said. “A legal threat can be extraordinarily powerful.”

Trust the librarian over the publisher every time.


Having ready access to books is just as important as a superfast broadband connection, and an inability or reluctance to read isolates you just as surely as a poor internet connection.

There’s a whole generation that thinks being without an internet connection is the worst thing in the world. That’s because they’ve not lived in a world without books.


Unfortunately, fictional hypocrites can also serve as “role models” providing real-life hypocrites with “tips” for achieving hypocritical perfection. Who said literature isn’t educational?

So maybe not all lessons found in books are worth learning.

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