9 Awesome, Unusual Bookshelves

While I’m partial to the classic, Beauty-and-the-Beast-with-the-huge-fireplace-and-ladders sort of book arrangement, unusual or creative bookshelves are always fun to see. These bookshelves are works of art in the field of design, though their functionality can be called into question. Here’s a round-up of some of my faves:

What book would you stick in that little square there in the middle? via Cyrill Drummerson
unusual bookshelf 1

Pretty, but I cringe at the potential spine damage. original image via NYT
unusual bookshelf 2

For the person who has everything: a bookshelf that won’t hold books. via Make

I would like a whole room like this. via EllfHouse

Beautiful, but how much weight does that thing support? via Fuck Yeah, Books
unusual bookshelf 6

Now that’s one way to get a kid interested in their books (I love this). via OOO My Design
unusual bookshelf 7

This is designed to hold your “read” books on one side, with the weight of the “unread” books balancing it. Do they make a bigger one? via niko economidis design
unusual bookshelf 8

Brraaaiiinsssss. via Design Your Way

Pink! Cow! Bookshelf! I wantz it. via Booklust and Stardust
bookshelf 10

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