Critical Linking

Critical Linking: December 22, 2012

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.

“The romance category remains one of the most enduring, and has always been at the heart of some of the bestselling series, including the Hunger Games and Twilight,” Feiwel says. “You can clothe it in many different outfits, but romance is at the core.”

Who doesn’t love a happy ending?


“We had a discussion in advance, and the editors thought we’d sell at least 25,000. I said 75,000,” he said. “We’ve sold 157,000 … The surprising thing is that it’s the Bible. We’ve been compared to Fifty Shades. We’ve said at the Bible Society that it’s good we don’t only have erotic bestsellers in the charts, but moral books too.”

Those Norwegians sure have eclectic taste when it comes to reading material.


I somehow feel that some day I’ll have reason to be proud of you, but, dear boy, I can’t wait for that day, & it was wrong to hurry a career.

And we think that breaking up with someone via text message is bad.


It’s not that I enjoy contemplating death and destruction. I can’t bring myself to watch horror movies, for example. Still, I enjoy thinking about the sorts of things that apocalyptic stories push me to think about. I keep reading and watching because I’m searching for the ideal apocalypse—the most illuminating one. 

Yes. This. I’ve never been able to explain it.

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