Critical Linking: December 8, 2012

Remember, we’re living in the year of theAwardus Horribilis, the Pulitzer Debacle. The prize committee checked out every American novel on offer, shrugged and went galumphing offstage. That was, without a doubt, a verdict on quality.

Literary fiction is changing. That is not a bad thing.


Mo said he doesn’t feel that censorship should stand in the way of truth but that any defamation, or rumors, “should be censored.”

Because, just like removing your belts and shoes in the airport security line, censorship is necessary.


We believe the company’s strategy to deploy 100 percent of its cash flow over the past three years into the Nook has been disastrous.

You know what they say about putting all one’s eggs in one basket.


Books tell not just the stories of their characters but also of us—of our tea, of our muffins, of that rainy Thursday we devoted exclusively to tea and muffins. 

And this is why I love forgotten bookmarks, marginalia, and beverage stains. They tell a story, too.


Sun's out and we're out...of puns. So we'll give it to you straight: pair any tee + water bottle for 25% off this week!