Just Like Us! Celebrity Readers

We all know that reading is fun. The characters, the plot, the climaxes, and twists at the endings. But you know what might just make reading even a little more fun? Doing it like your favorite celebrity. I certainly might follow Catherine Deneuve’s lead; just sayin’.

Mr. Bean reads to his teddy bear. (Who doesn’t?)


Catherine Deneuve reads in her donkey hat, and if you don’t you’re just an ass.



Willem Dafoe enjoys a good stretch of the body while stretching his mind.



Charlie Chaplin kills three birds with one stone (laundry, bathing, and cultured mind; done, done, and done!).



I’d love to get a glimpse of the inside of that book. Think it’s really The Art of War, or are there notes pasted in about how to glossify one’s skin?



Shakira might not have a book in hand, but she certainly has a cute frilly, pink dress and knows how to pose in a library. Take that Louisa May Alcott.



My favorite… Charlton Heston all dressed up in his fancy, schmancy birthday suit; the way mankind was intended to read.


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Wallace Yovetich is a contributing editor for Book Riot. She runs the Book Riot Instagram account and can be seen on the Book Riot YouTube channel each Monday. She also edits the bi-weekly feature called Peek Over Our Shoulders where you can see what the Book Riot contributors, editors, and staff are reading at that very moment. Follow her on Instagram: @WallaceYovetich