Book Shopping With Authors–Top 10 Wishlist

The Paris Review recently published an article called “Book Shopping With the Best-Read Man in America,” wherein the author went on a book buying binge with book critic/author Michael Dirda. Dirda led the article writer through the overpacked aisles of a local used bookstore, loading down boxes and boxes with obscure sci-fi paperbacks and lovely art books. It sounded like a wonderful way to spend a day, and got me to wonderin’ what writers I would like to go book shopping with:

1. Neil Gaiman- for creepy children’s books, gothically illustrated art tomes, and dark fantasy.
2. Margaret Atwood- for Canadian literature, women authors I’ve never heard of, and books about writing.
3. C. S. Lewis and JRR Tolkien- for theology, and for the hilariously refined catfights that this shopping trip would create.
4. Joseph J. Ellis- for early American history.
5. Gillian Flynn- For whatever she wants to tell me to read, ever in life, forever and ever, amen.
6. China Mieville- because that man’s brain is a dark and confusing wonderland and I must know what he feeds it.
7. Douglas Adams- less for the books he would point me to and more for how he would probably be open to playing hide ‘n seek in the stacks.
8. Mary Roach- for quirky, science-based non-fiction.
9. Kazuo Ishiguro- because I can’t figure out who his influences are or who he is a fan of, and I must know! Because his sentences, they are so great.
10. Dante- the man knows what it takes to be a great tour guide, and he’d certainly fill in some gaps in my history/theology/epic poetry knowledge.

What about you, interwebs? What author would you take on a book shopping trip?