Bookish Pumpkins :: Part One

Whether it’s for your own pleasure or for a fun family activity, there are loads of creative ways to make Halloween bookish. Why not try some of the following pumpkin decorating ideas?


 Decoupage pages from an old book, or newspaper, onto a pumpkin. Don’t know how to do it? Follow this easy tutorial.


Add a little Edgar Allan Poe to your Halloween by printing out passages from his short stories or poems and following instructions from above for decoupaging them onto a pumpkin. Want an extra Poe-ism? Attach a small fake Raven (or your own crafty version of a tell-tale heart) to the top of the pumpkin. Surround the pumpkin with candles and use it as an eery centerpiece.


“Off with her head!” Enough said for this Alice in Wonderland pumpkin set. Free-hand if you can or utilize stencils if you need some help perfecting the imaging.


Harry Potter is BIG in the pumpkin world this year. There are many ideas on how to Potter-ize your pumpkins. Kid friendly designs include painting and adding props (such as the scarf of your favorite Hogwarts house). Adult versions tap into some serious carving skills; instructions and patterns for which can be found (or purchased) all over the Internet.


Looking for more ways to incorporate reading into family time? Why not choose a book to read together this month and fashion pumpkins from the characters? Charlotte’s Web for middle grade readers, and any book from the David series for young readers are good places to start. Part Two of this series will be full of more ideas for bookish pumpkin fun for the kiddos. Stay tuned!

(sources for the pictures used can be found here)

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