Our Favorite Comments: September 10-15, 2012

We love our readers, and we love what they have to say just as much. Here are some of our favorite comments from the week that was.

“Jane Austen covering High Fidelity”

by Redheadedali on Your Dream Literary “Cover Bands”


“Not coming close to “Slaughterhouse Five” is hardly a sin worthy of punishment. Almost the entirety of the written word would fall into that category!”

by Randall Haulk on A Fan of the Book, Not the Author


“I’m just wrapping up the Theory of Lit class from Yale and I have to say, wow. So thankful that they’ve made these available, as it’s cleared up a lot of questions raised for me in discussions with more formally educated bookworms. I am officially ready to sound like a pretentious fancy pants literati diva and refute the uninitiated with my Heidegger/Foucault references. Fear me.”

by thefranklynn on The Do-It-Yourself Lit Degree


“I don’t think that you need to be a specialist to be able to write good reviews. Quality reviews really shine by themselves, and people without literature degrees can certainly write them if they read widely and well.”

by Annabelle Bernard F. on Anatomy 101: The Four Parts of a Book Review?

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