Critical Linking: September 17, 2012

Because here’s the truth: most of these disciplines aren’t quantifiable, scientific, or precise. They are messy and complicated. And when you try to straighten out the tangle, you may find that you lose far more than you gain.

The sciences and the humanities are complementary but not interchangeable. Let’s stop pretending like they are.


A Columbia graduate student and his adviser have authenticated the student’s discovery of an unknown manuscript of a 1941 novel by Claude McKay, a leading Harlem Renaissance writer and author of the first novel by a black American to become a best seller.

And yet their names don’t warrant a mention until the fifth paragraph. Nice work, NYT.


Comedy, social media and decidedly old-media book publishing collide in the new book “Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty,” out this week.

I would read this book, but I am soooooo tired from shopping for yachts.


Bitter irony of Alzheimer’s for Nobel laureate Marquez as his symptoms mimic masterpiece.

Goddammit. As if this story isn’t sad enough, The Guardian doesn’t know what irony is. Hint: it isn’t this.


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