#DailyBookPic: Learning to Read

The featured #dailybookpics are collected from Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and/or Instagram.

“Grace is learning to read. This cool app – MONTESSORI CROSSWORDS is a fantastic tool. She is sounding out words while spelling them.”- ibeeeg

“Wheelock’s Latin! A potential retirement project.” – Janet Berkman (@jannie_b)

“Learning to Read; ok maybe not quite yet at 3 mos but soon!”- Sterling Marchand (@Infinite_Jests)

“Learning to Read: deeply and analytically” – Rosie Gutmann (@rkgutmann)

“Learning right on the street.” – Zack Smith (@zackms)

This one is mine. My boyfriend’s daughter wanted to be on the internet. How could I say no?

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