What’s Missing from Your Online Book Club Experience?

When we asked, “What can Book Riot do for you?” a couple weeks ago, the request that came up with greatest frequency was for a Book Riot book club. We love the community you’ve helped us build here, and we agree that it would be pretty cool to read a book and discuss it with each other. But we could do that in a lot of places on the internet, right? When we do it, we want it to be awesome.

Since those requests rolled in, we’ve started turning the gears of book club planning, and now we want to hear from you: what’s missing from the online book club experiences you’ve had? What do you want that you haven’t found anywhere else? When it comes to book clubs, what can Book Riot do for you?

Book Riot Live is coming! Join us for a two-day event full of books, authors, and an all around good time. It’s the convention for book lovers that we’ve always wanted to attend. So we are doing it ourselves.