Critical Linking: May 24, 2012

Then the interview covers the do-you-write-with-a-pencil-or-a-typewriter questions. An author interview typically concludes with a series of silly, late-night-talk-show, anecdote-inducing questions that are meant to be funny and make the exchange feel “real.” This type of question works well between David Letterman and Gwyneth Paltrow; less so between an ill prepared interviewer and a first-time author.

I think if you are going to bust on a whole category, you need to give an example. Is that too much to ask?


That Book Place also has shelves and shelves carrying a mixture of new and used books, with price stickers giving the customer a variety of options. You can have a brand-new copy shipped to you the next day, or buy it used, or rent it, or get it as an e-book. If you take out a membership in the store, you can borrow a book for free, or get a copy without the Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme that limits it to use on a specific kind of device.

Also, this fantasy bookstore will serve free-range, zero-calorie unicorn bacon.


Why do best-sellers rarely survive the “tooth of time”? One theory is that many best-sellers simply weren’t very good or interesting books in the first place; they were empty calories without nutritive value.

Man, I wish I could think of a contemporary example of a hugely successful book that won’t be admired in a couple of decades. Thinking, thinking, thinking.


The physical books sold 450m copies – it’s the largest selling book series of all time and there is still a very healthy run rate of those sales in physical copies, clearly there’s a lot of harry potter readers and fans out there, and a lot with digital readers, devices for reading books.

The Rowling smiles, high atop her giant pile of money.

Up to 80% off books you actually want to read.