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So, we’ve gotten bookish married… now it’s time to get ready for that bookish baby. A big trend these days is the build-a-library baby shower, where people are asked to bring a book to add to the baby’s library (usually on top of a separate gift). Here are my problems with that —  first, you’re asking people to bring two gifts (I’m very much in the Carrie Bradshaw camp of let’s-not-tax-our-loyal-friends-who-have-celebrated-us-over-and-over, while we may only be celebrating them on their birthday… if even), and second, the parents-to-be now have several copies of the same books (because many people not familiar with children’s books just pick the most popular sellers) and several are inscribed… which equals no returning them. If you choose to help build a baby’s library (wahoo — let’s build personal libraries!),  create a list of titles, viewable to shower goers, of books that have already been purchased. Don’t know how to do that? Then just ask that people do not write a message directly inside the book and that they bring a gift receipt so the parents can exchange it if they receive multiple copies. However, there are also many other ways of adding bookish love to a baby shower… shall we try them? Let’s.


You can print these invitations from your own computer! Easy and original. Not to mention, the mother can keep this invitation and put it inside the child’s baby book in the front cover, like its own library check out card — how cool is that? (find the template here via Emily Style)


Even those of you opposed to ripping pages out of books can easily find books that can no longer be used (try your local library and ask for ruined books that they are planning to recycle). Think of this as your part in the 3 R’s, since you’ll be reusing these pages to make something lovely. Spend one night (you can even do it in front of the TV) pulling pages. Staple them together when you get to the venue and tack it up on the wall over the dessert (or present) table! Add a few streamers and you’re done, while not having spent more than about $3-5! (via JAC Photography)


Honestly, how many times can you play the “measure the mother’s stomach” at a baby shower before you want to scream? We can be more creative than that, right? Try these sweet Wishes for Baby lists. Give the mother-to-be and her friends and family these cards to fill out. If you feel like it would be awkward to have a large gap of silence, play a funny baby movie in the background (quietly) to fill the silence, use it as a time to serve some drinks to those who are finished, or set out the food so people can start noshing once they have turned in their list to you. After you have collected all of the lists, you can put them into a photo album for the parents-to-be to have as a keepsake book to pass on to their child. (You can download these for free in multiple color palettes via lilsugar.com)


Don’t forget the gift! Of course, buying a new parent something from their registry is key (babies do have needs, and not all of them can be creative). But if the affordable items are taken, or you want to add a little something special on top of it, try this onesie… hello, I’d almost carry a baby doll around just to put this on and show people! (via Indiebound.org)


And remember to send the guests off with a little party favor. How about this adorable bookmark that you can make on your own… can anyone say pre-shower craft party? You can even add other quotes to the bookmarks so there are a variety for people to choose from.  (via The Rockstar Diaries)


See you next week for Bookish Baby Nursery/Bedroom Decorating!

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